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    how to control annual budget 110% and overall budget 100% in the same time

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    Hi Folks,


    I have blow requirments which I need to break and make filter on date funtion


    1. Date is Jan/10/ 2012


    I want to Seperate Month,Day,Week of this date.


    2. I have 27/2012(week/Year)

    Beginig day with numeric number and followed by end day of the week.



    Thanks in adavance.



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  • 03/20/15--13:07: MESSAGE_TYPE_X
  • Hi Friends


    Runtime Error: MESSAGE_TYPE_X



    Extracted data from ECC, Records came


    created Info package for DS in BI, 0 records coming,


    I checked  RFC connection, is okay


    This Error Message coming,


    Please HELP


    Runtime Error.jpg

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    Dear All,



    I am new to treasury application to BI and i need to build position management flow from scratch.


    Before coming into my hand there are few IOs, Infoproviders were installed from Business content. In that 0CFM_O01 - is in inactive state.


    When i checked before activating i am getting an warning - "InfoObject 0FISCVARNT needs to be in key for DataStore object 0CFM_O01".


    So i have checked all IOs which are key fields and Datafields and activated. And 0FISCYEAR and FISCVARIANT are in data fields not in key fields.

    Then i tried to activate DSO which ended up with below errors:


    DataSource 80CFM_O01 does not exist in source system BWCLNT700 of version A    


    Error when creating the export DataSource and dependent


    Error when activating ODS Object 0CFM_O01



    There is an OSS note - oss note 597326-Activating ODS: Error when creating the export DataSource. OSS note clearly mentioned to re install DSO.

    My questions:

    1. As DSO is already installed but inactive state, do i need to re install or any other way is there? I have already activated IOs which are at DSO and tried to activate. But same above error showed up.

    2.Previous person who installed DSO, did not installed properly from BI content?

    Please be kind to guide me,

    Thank You!


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    i am trying to upload master data related 0MAT_ST_LOC_ATTR. at DTP level its showing error. But i select all the require field are correct .please help me on this issu.MAT_ST_LOC_DUMP.png0MAT_ST_LOC_ERROR.png

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  • 01/22/15--08:58: New to start.
  •     Hello all,

    I am working as System Administrator (Windows) from last 7 years and would like to switch my career in SAP.

    can any one suggest how to start and which one will be good for my (ABAP or Basis)


    Thank you


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    Dear Sir/ Madam,


    I am Sachin, Sap Business One Functional Consultant.


    Looking for a help that how i can generate or get a report location/ Branch wise for fixed assets in sap business one 9.0.


    one of my client need branch wise fixed assets details from sap business one 9.0.


    Earliest help will be a great help to me.


    Thanks in Advance.


    Warm Regards,

    Sachin Gautam

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    Hi All,


    I am facing an issue while printing smartform.

    I have 2 pages in my smartforms, first one with main window and second without main window.

    I have set 1st page's next page as second page and at the end of main window, given a command, go to new page as second page.

    Now issue is, even if my main window on 1st page is not overflowing, still it is displaying 3 pages, 3rd page as copy of 1st page without main window.

    Please help me with this issue.



    Malvi Aggarwal.

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    Dear Experts ,


    As part of document mapping in SAP GTS General Setting - Document Structure


    We configure -


    Sales Document Type ( ECC ) - Custom Document ( GTS )


    Delivery Document Type ( ECC ) - Custom Document ( GTS )


    Proforma ( ECC ) - Customs Export Delcation


    Purchase document Type ( ECC ) - Custom Document ( GTS )


    Inbound Delivery ( ECC ) - Custom Document ( GTS )


    But, how can we map Material Document to Customs Import Declaration . I mean, Do we have any document type for Material Document in SAP ECC system , in order to map with Customs Import Declaration document type .


    Request you help me in this regard .


    Ram ..

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    Buenas tardes, lo que pasa es que quiero reiniciar la numeración de mis ofertas de venta mi numeracion va en el siguiente numero

    numeracion oferta de venta.JPG


    quiero saber si puedo volver a empezarla desde 1, he intentado por la ventana de numeración de documentos pero la verdad no veo ninguna opción que me deje hacerlo, espero me puedan explicar que debo hacer para reiniciar mi numeración y si me traería algún problema hacer esto.


    numeracion oferta de venta 2.JPG

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    1) I'd like to use licenses to control shipments of products from state to state in the US. Is this possible? Region is not listed as a control object when defining the license type is it possible to add the field?


    2) we are looking at connecting a second ERP system to GTS does the plugin used in ECC need to match the version of the ECC instance?


        I saw a mention of having to harmonize master data? Is that only required if I put the two systems in the same logical group? If I create a seperate group for each will that require any harmonization?

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    Is there any way to do a mass check whether the field symbols are assigned or not ?



    I have to check the instances(across various packages at one shot) where field symbols are used without proper assignment.

    This is to avoid Runtime Error 'GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED' due to the same reason.




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  • 03/20/15--05:20: Request locked in BI
  • Dear experts


    I am currently facing a problem in my BI application.

    Was going through RSA1 process chains and encountered this error:


    @5C@ Request 53293 is already being processed @35@
    @5C@ Exception CX_RSBK_REQUEST_LOCKED logged @35@


    Solution please.



    Milind Massey

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    Plz.let me know with the possible reasons for the price not getting updated in the Sch.agreement from the respective contract?

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    Dear   Experts,



    Which file needs to check whether Migration is successful or not.








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  • 03/15/15--21:23: Reference business partners
  • Hi

    We have a scenario of business partners created in different roles and have different sales areas exists. So how do we need to setup reference business partners for customers. Each customer will be extended to only one sales area, but we have almost 10 sales areas. Do we need to create 10 different business partners with each one in one sales area ?.

    What is the significance of a reference business partner used for ? and does it copies the data from reference business partner of the sales area of reference business partner.

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    Dear ALL


    We are treating all the employee as vendor.




    Employee vendor required withholding tax code or not





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    Hi experts;

         I have posted a thread on the forum yesterday!input.jspa?container=2103&containerType=14


    in addition I have also made Account Determination which as far I know it should not be done as long as the Real-Time integration is active. However I made to cover all expected scenarios and yet when I go to FB03 to check and FI documents, I found no FI doc. has been created.


    the case that I need to distribute all of the expenses from many cost centers in one Company Code to another Cost centers in another Company Codes.


    So kindly if someone can advice and help to track the issue to understand the system's behavior and how to let it create FI doc.


    Thanks in advance;


    Kind regards;


    Ahmad Mahmud;

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  • 03/20/15--02:51: Sales order in ATP check
  • Hi,


    We are using Global ATP in SAP APO 7.0 EHP2 with SAP ECC 6.0. When we run the ATP check for a material we get entries with confirmed quantities referring to sales order number <unknown>. We can also see these confirmed quantities against unknown order numbers in TA /SAPAPO/RRP3, in the "ATP" tab. These entries do not appear in the "Elements" tab. When entering GT_IO in the transaction code window we can see the internal order numbers for the <unknown> orders. But we are not able to delete these orders anyhow. I have tried the following reports/transactions:


    - Report /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21 (APO) (no inconsistencies)

    - Report SDRQCR21 (ECC) (no inconsistencies)

    - TA /SAPAPO/CCR (no inconsistencies found)

    - Report /SAPAPO/OM_DELETE_INCON_ORDERS (message "Order does not exist, no action executed")

    - TA /SAPAPO/AC06 (no TQAs found for the material)

    - TA /SAPAPO/OM16


    Anyone experienced a similar situation, and was able to remove the inconsistent entries?


    Thanks in advance!


    Kind regards,

    Geir Kronkvist

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