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    Hello Experts,


    I would like to know if it is possible to configure SLA for cases on reopened tickets.


    For example, ticket from e-mails channel concluded and Customer sends an email regarding that ticket some after time it.


    The ticket will have its status automatically changed to "in process", but in this case the SLA needs to be reprogrammed.


    Could you help me please?

    Many thanks

    Mônica Betini

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    Hello All,


    We've this process chain that was running successfully until we made a small change.


    Process chain when worked fine when it was in this state:



    However, when we added another step in the process chain it is failing in version copy step every time it runs. The key observation is if see the log it shows that it has completed all the steps that would typically happen in version copy (so version copy is successful). However, the chain then ends in status 'R' and doesn't proceed further.



    The reason the chain has completed is because I've 'skipped' the version copy step (knowing that version copy is successful). The process chain then completes successfully.


    Here's the message from version copy step that fails every time.




    Just to add, the last step that we added is a custom ABAP program that updates another process chain.


    Any suggestions as to how to fix this?


    Thanks a lot in advance for your inputs.


    Best Regards,


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    Dear Experts,


    I am using WM-PP interfacing with all relevant setting required for material staging through LP10 > Create TR> Create TO in WM with background processing.

    Today system while creating TO from TR picked the stock from next batch even when there is sufficient stock available in the first batch which should be picked as per FIFO strategy set in storage type.


    The incident runs as below-

    In Process Order RM 600000164 Qty- 403.000 is required in operation 20

    LP10>TR Created

    Stock available in IM and WM both-

    Batch-A  1160.000 received on 12 Dec 14

    Batch-B  4400.000 received on 16 Jan 15

    While creating TO from TR in Background system picked

    From Batch-A    303.000

              Batch-B    100.000

    Here system should have picked all 403.000 qty from batch-A only as all the qty in the batch-A is available stock both in IM and WM.


    Please suggest the reason for this type of behaviour and how this can be controlled as this is a big deviation.

    Thanks in advance


    - Datta

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    Hi Experts,


    I have upgraded my server from 4.0 to 4.1 SP04, After full installation tomcat server is not starting..




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    Hi Experts,

    Im facing the following challenge. My client is a supplier for the food Industry. Its clients request that each batch must be pre-approved by their QM before the shipping.

    It means that each time that my client release a new batch, them send a sample to the clients in order to received their approval. Some clients have higher standards than others, so it means that not all batches can be shipped to all clients.

    The issue we are facing is regarding automatic FIFO strategy when the delivery is created. I don't know how to setup a strategy to determine only the batches approved by each customer without a Z development.


    Any ideas??


    Thank you in advanced



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    Hi ALL,


    Is there any option to reset password for NWDI_CMSADM , NWDI_DEV, NWDI_ADM user  NWDI 7.31 system.?


    Steps I followed:

    1) stopped CBS service

    2) Changed password for NWDI_CMSADM

    3)Restart CBS service


    I need to update in CTS+ configuration , I am getting error for Invalid credentials for NWDI_CMSADM



    Irshad Akram

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    Hi All,


    I am working on the 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR  datasource enhancement wherein I am extracting data for fields like

    1. Reorder Levels – MINBE – (BIW_MARC_S)
    2. Safety Stock  - EISBE - (BIW_MARC_S)
    3. Min. Lot Size – BSTMI – (BIW_MARC_S)
    4. Rounding Value - BSTRF–(BIW_MARC_S)
    5. Lot Size Key - DISLS  - (BIW_MARC_S)
    6. Plant Mat Status – MMSTA - 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR - - present in the DS
    7. Cross Plant Mat Status – MSTAE- 0MATERIAL_ATTR (ES - BIW_MARA_S)


    --The issue is I have written a code in cmod -EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 - to fetch data for field no. 1-7 as they are hidden in the datasource and also use MEINS (Base unit of measure) field of table MARA as reference.

    In RSA3, when i execute I am unable to see the data for MEINS and MSTAE - Cross Plant Mat Status fields. both the fields are part of MARA table and not MARC which is the base for 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR datasource.


    --Also could you please tell me about the delta functionality of this? I went through some posts which tell me to add field entries to BD52. In ROOSGEN table the message no. is RS0127. I am unable to understand the relevance.




    DATA : wa_mara type mara,


             C_T_DATA_WA TYPE BIW_MARC_S.




            L_TABIX = SY-TABIX.


            select single * from mara into wa_mara

              where matnr = C_T_DATA_WA-matnr.


            IF SY-SUBRC = 0.

              C_T_DATA_WA-zzmeins  = wa_mara-meins.

              C_T_DATA_WA-zzeisbe = C_T_DATA_WA-eisbe.


              C_T_DATA_WA-zzBSTMI  = C_T_DATA_WA-BSTMI.

              C_T_DATA_WA-zzBSTRF  = C_T_DATA_WA-BSTRF.

              C_T_DATA_WA-zzMMSTA  = C_T_DATA_WA-MMSTA.

              C_T_DATA_WA-zzMSTAE  = wa_mara-MSTAE.







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    this function module is driving me crazy!



    I would like to read some Data from an Info Cube and to make it very easy I selected only one character field and one key figure field.



    I don't get any result and sy-subrc 11 which is not on the exceptions list. All the tutorials I've seen so far do the same then I do.



    Thankful for any hint



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    I'm using VBA Excel to trigger a BADI which calls another BADI to upload some data from Workstation to Server.


    Apparently the VBA coding works fine but when the second BADI is called I get a short dump which says: NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_GUI


    Is there a certain obtion within the GUI? when I start the BADI manually on the server it works but via RFC/VBA


    Thankful for any hint!

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    Hi Experts,


    I found in my new system few folders like Forwarding order management, Freight order management, Planning are missing in NWBC menu (Ref. menuarea marked red in the attachment.).


    So please suggest if any settings are missing for NWBC.







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  • 03/14/15--10:51: Data archive wizard
  • I am running 8.82 and how long would it take to archive 2 out of 7 years of data if my database is about 10 Gigs.

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    Hi Everyone,


    Is it possible to display the whole sap personas page in F11 full view on browser. I can able to see the SAP Personas can be viewed in full screen while pressing F11 key. But can it be possible to through script? I am trying to have a button , Upon clicking the button it should display the screen in full view.


    I tried to execute a script which only has F11 press inside script but it showed an error. Do let me know if any method is available in SAP Personas.






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    hi Experts,


    When tickets are being created on CRM by the NA Help desk  for UK customers,they are being created with a time of one hour ahead of the UK,

    It should be UK times.

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    Question: How can we achieve Finite Scheduling when creating Orders using IDOCs and BAPIs like bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2 or bapi_salesorder_simulate?


    Process information:

    During VA01 - sales order entry (consisting of a MTO material), the item category dictates that a production order is created.

    During the production order creation a capacity availability check of the concerning work center is completed.

    If the work center is overloaded for the days scheduled, then this error is returned.


    If we select cancel then this is ignored; however, if you select the other options and then select finite scheduling, the response is to shift the production order (and thus the sales order) dates to an appropriate time with capacity.


    Creating MTO Sales Orders using IDOCS/BAPIs our Production work centers are overloaded. We need Finite Capacity Scheduling  functionality when using IDOCs/BAPIs. Have not implemented APO.



    Jim Hue.

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    hi all


    while postiong  rem backflush using txn MFBF it shows error  NO ACTIVE STANDARD COST ESTIMATES EXIST.

    we already create pcc(KKF6N) at production version level and release the price (CK24).



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    I have read the material on Fixed Assets published by SAP: "9.0_Fixed_Assets_Initial Settings.ppt".


    Slide 31 mentions:


    •     The system imports master data including all values at the beginning of the year as well as all transactions that were carried out in the current year up to the import date. Data from previous years is imported as accumulated values only.

           New assets shall not be imported via this functionality.

    My question is:

    1. How do we import transactions that were carried out in the current year up to the import date?

    2. "Data from previous years is imported as accumulated values only." - The accumulated values are stored in which fields in Fixed Asset Master?


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    I Try to create New model with BPC 10.1 Admin .

    But It ends with Error .

    And In ST22 I can see Dump Errors.

    Does anybody know about this problem?


    Thanks in advance .




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    I work with a french version of PAMC 15.3 and I don't find the way to define an identifying association with Barker notation.


    See the Oracle exemple between Employees and Job_history for giving to Job_history the emp_id attribute.


    Here my PAMC model without the dept entity.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Experts,

    I am facing a weird issue here in standard Component Configuration for Family Dependents i.e. IT0021.

    As per PA20 when creating any subtype in IT0021, the Full Name field appear to FCNAM. When i check the overview screen the Last Name and First Name appears, where Last Name is FANAM and after record is created, FCNAM is copied to FANAM.

    Debugging the Include screen also shows that FCNAM is Copied to FANAM.

    But in ESS, the Copy is not happening. Also cannot debug the class CL_HRESS_PER_DETAIL_GENDER.

    Please let me know how can i debug or rectify this issue.



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    Hi Friends,

    I am useing week and Posting periods in my Starage Bucket.

    I have 3 key figures that is FCST QTY,CLOSED SALES ORDERS and FCST FOR R3 with 3 decimals points.All key figures S-PRORATA AND TIME BASED-P

    FCST FOR R3= FCST QTY- CLOSED SAELS ORDERS when i run this macro in Monthly view at detailed cvc level.

    It gives correct values after that when i see the same key figure in week bucket i shows differently.

    FOR EXAMPLE: P05.2012 one particular material 11111111.

    FCST QTY =21.268


    FCST FOR R3= 20.00

    when i see the same material in week bucket view it shows differenctly

                                 W18       W19       W20      W21

    FCST QTY=        5.318        5.316     5.317      5.317

    CLOSED ORD=    0               0            0            0

    FCST FOR R3=    7               4             5           4

    user see the formula in week bucket also.

    So could suggest me how can i proceed in this sitituation.

    Looking for quick repley.

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