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    Please provide the necessary steps to Display Contact picture using Sales Order Change App

      Note; Contact Picture Displays in Personnel Record  PA30


    I found the Enhancement Spot, but not clear on the steps required to get Picture.

    Enhancement Spot ES_SRA_SO?


       Methods  GET_CONTACTS?


    Thanks for your assistance




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    Hi there,


    my hierarchy-scenario as follows:




    Key               Text

    12/3              AAA

         32/6               aaa

         47/9               bbb

    33/6              BBB

         54/8               ccc

         87/6               ddd


    In my crosstab selection is enabled and I need to identify the key of the root node when I click on a child.

    E. g.: Click on "47/9 bbb" --> I need the key "12/3" of text node "AAA".


    I tried to to work with "forEach" in combination with the corresponding characteristic "profit center" but of course I only got the key of the characteristic itself but not the one of the text node.


    It would be great if anybody has got a hint for me.


    Best regards


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  • 02/14/15--03:30: Stop Incoming HTTP request
  • Hello experts,


    I am working in a SAP PI 7.31 dual stack. I have some ccBPM which receives HTTP request (abap) and inside is doing some RFC to a backend system.


    The http client is countiniusly doing http calls to my SAP PI (every minute). I have noticed that during the starting of the system, the HTTP (ABAP) is available, but the java stack takes a bit more time to be ready. So my system is acepting HTTP Calls due to ABAP is ready but is not calling the backend system because RFC is not working, and I am getting errors until Java stack is ready.


    I want to ask if there is way to configure SAP PI to accept HTTP calls (ABAP) when the Java stack is ready and not before.


    I have scheduled my comunication channels, but for ABAP channels I can not do that.


    I am thinking on stop and start icm services (with a scheduled job) but I am not sure if it good.


    Any suggestions?


    Kind Regards.

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    We would like to implement ESS and MSS.

    Currently our SAP version is ECC6.0.

    Do we need to upgrade it to implement ESS and MSS?

    BTW, currently we store emergency details in IT21, and the contact number in the "Birthplace" field in IT21.

    Some consultants said it will cause problem for ESS and MSS. However, we are not sure what kind of bad impact there is on ESS and MSS.

    Do we have to change it before we implement ESS and MSS?


    Looking forward to your reply and advice.


    Thanks very much.



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  • 02/14/14--03:06: Slowness in SAP after
  • Hi Guys...

         There is a big issue coming to our company with SAP in day by day. Big slowness there can be identified from production people and others in SAP and there are complaining to cant do work with this slowness.

    This is happened since we implemented EHP 7 version. So guess this is a issue from this compatibility.

    what i need to know is any one there in experienced on this after EHP.

    Other platforms we are using are,

                        EHP 7

                        Sql Server 2012

                        Windows 2012

                        Servers - IBM


    So anyone there for experienced with this platform please let me know . Specially from Sri Lanka. Because need to contact u for advise.




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    Hello friends,


    I need to know how to change the warnings and errors in NWBC or set them invisible.

    I know that the class HRTIM00REC contains the messages. And I know how to change the messages. But I need to know where the messages are triggered in the system. That´s not as easy as I thaught.


    For example: The yellow marked line have to be changed:


    Via tooltip I´ve seen that the message is from the class hrtim00rec and the messagenumber is 14.

    So I take a look where this class and message is used:


    I only find two sections and I´m wondering about the this sections, because breakpoints don´t work there what means, that I haven´t found the right sections. But how can I find the right section?

    I need to find it an add some coding there in order to create a new message which is more clear for the ESS-users.


    It would be nice if somebody can help me!


    Best regards


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    Dear Experts,


    I have successfully activated dashboard of SAP B1 9.0 PL09


    When trying to view the dashboard, the system gives blank dashboard.


    here is the print screen :






    Please provide a solution for this issue. Thank you





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    I am running 8.82 with only PLD printouts. I want SAP to automatically print out lets say five invoices when there is five line items. Do I need to use crystal reports?

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    I was wondering for SAP business one to run on HANA can we make our own custom machine install all the software? Also the clients could still be window machines right?

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  • 03/02/15--19:16: Formatted Search not working
  • Hi Friends,


    My company has a requirement for FMS for populating the Distibution Rule but its not working.


    The setup is as below:


    Dimension 1 - Cost Centre1 - Distribution Rule 1 ( 100% of CoC1)

    Dimension 1 - Cost Centre2 - Distribution Rule 2 ( 100% of CoC2)


    The company has 4 regions of work - North /South/East/West. Each region will have their document numbering series and will have its own cost centre created and configured eventually.


    The requirement is that the user selects the document series based on region and the document line automatically populates the relevant distribution rule.


    The FMS query used is as below



    CASE WHEN $[ORDR.series]='5' THEN 'N'

    CASE WHEN $[ORDR.series]='55' THEN 'S'

    CASE WHEN $[ORDR.series]='56' THEN 'E'

    CASE WHEN $[ORDR.series]='57' THEN 'W'



    The UDV setup is as below


    -Auto refresh - when field changes

    criteria on document series

    -Display saved UDV


    The problem is that selecting of the document series from top does not populate the relevant distribution rule but if the field is double clicked it pops up the selection window for distributionr rule. If i open the query manager to run the FMS query it shows the correct distribution rule.


    Any idea or any other solution that might help get the result.

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  • 03/12/15--14:20: Query Help
  • Dear All,


    I have query below and how do i display username for PO and GRN creation?


    Select  A.DocNum as POSO#, A.Project,A.DocDate as POdate, A.CardCode, A.CardName,B.ItemCode,B.AcctCode as POAcctCode,B.Dscription, B.text as ItemDetails,B.Quantity as POQty, B.UnitMsr as POUOM,B.Price as POItemPrice,B.Currency as POCurrency,B.LineTotal as POLineTotal, B.OpenQty  as RemainingQtyforGRN

    ,D.DocNum as GRNNum,D.DocDate as GRNDate,C.Quantity AS GRNQty,C.Price as GRNprice,C.LineTotal as GRNvalue

    From OPOR A

    JOIN POR1 B ON A.DocEntry=B.DocEntry and B.LineStatus = 'O'

    LEFT JOIN PDN1 C ON C.BaseEntry=A.DocEntry AND C.BaseLine=B.LineNum and C.LineStatus = 'O'

    LEFT JOIN OPDN D ON D.DocEntry=C.DocEntry

    LEFT JOIN PCH1 E ON E.BaseEntry=D.DocEntry AND E.BaseLine=C.LineNum

    LEFT JOIN OPCH F ON E.DocEntry=F.DocEntry

    Where A.DocDate>='[%1]' and A.DocDate<='[%2]'

    order By A.DocNum



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  • 01/16/15--04:16: Unexpected tempdb growth
  • Hi Friends,

    We have installed SAP IDM on MSSQL Server 2012 and for the last few days, we noticed that the TEMPDB data growth has gone high to around 30 GB whereas the IDM DB size is of just 5GB .

    Surprisingly, the IDM DB log has also grown to 13GB.

    Can someone explain to me the reason why the DB log and tempdb data file size is increasing rapidly?

    Thanks and Regards,


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  • 03/09/15--22:33: Sale purchase analysis query
  • Dear Gurus


    Please advice me a query for extracting data for following things in a given range of date and item group


    1) Item Code

    2) Item Name

    3) Item Group

    4) in Stock

    5) Vendors name

    6) Quantity Purchased

    7)Total value of quantity purchased.

    8) Customer name

    9)Total quantity of item sold.

    10)Total value of sales



    Your prompt answer is highly needed.




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    Yesterday a process stacktraced in our production environment. In the errorlog I only got:



    00:0013:00000:00341:2015/03/09 06:20:01.04 kernel  Current process (0x44af01cd) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)




    No more information in errorlog.


    I tried to get the process stacktrace and I received


    00:0008:00000:00491:2015/03/09 14:16:43.35 kernel  ucstkgentrace: Process 1152319949 could not be stopped for tracing


    This process also got an stacktrace without more information:


    00:0009:00000:00491:2015/03/09 14:18:28.39 kernel  Current process (0x168701c3) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)


    Our version is   Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7/EBF 23820 SMP SP132 /P/RS6000/AIX 6.1/a


    AIX version 7.1


    The server does not shutdown normally, only kill -9 at OS level finishes the process.


    Any clue on what is going on?




    Luz Rodriguez

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    Hi Guys,


    Can somebody please help me.


    Basically, this is the first time I am working with this single and double byte Japanese chars and not sure how to produce the required output.


    I have an IDOC --> PI ---> FCC scenario and have to produce the output flat file in Shift-JIS encoding.


    I have tried the encoding Shift-JIS in Receiver Channel but when I open the output file in Notepad++ or Notepad it is showing me encoding ANSI UTF-8 and not Shift-JIS.


    Can somebody please suggest how to achieve this and also let me know how to handle single and double byte Japanese chars and do I need to define the field type as byte in Data Type and in FCC?


    Single byte :


    Double byte :


    Can I use MessageTransform and TextCodepageConversion Bean in File Adapter to achieve this?


    Please suggest.




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    Needed help to configure JMS Bridge.

    I have WebLogic 11g and SAP PO 7.4

    Received and add to WL libs:



    Aim: Create bridge from WL Queue to SAP Queue.

    Create local and SAP destination:


    Initial Context Factory:


    Esteblish bridge



    In logs I find:


    <Mar 12, 2015 6:01:38 PM CST> <Warning> <MessagingBridge> <BEA-200026> <Bridge "Bridge-2" encountered some problems in one of its adapters or underlying systems. It stopped transferring messages and will try to reconnect to the adapters shortly. (The exception caught was java.lang.Exception: javax.resource.ResourceException: Error sending message

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.throwResourceException(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.send(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSConnectionHandle.send(

        at weblogic.jms.bridge.internal.MessagingBridge.onMessageInternal(

        at weblogic.jms.bridge.internal.MessagingBridge.onMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection$



        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.onMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.onMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.execute(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.executeMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.access$000(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession$




    -------------- Linked Exception ------------

    javax.resource.ResourceException: Error creating producer or sending message

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.throwResourceException(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.sendInternal(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.access$300(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection$



        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.send(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSConnectionHandle.send(

        at weblogic.jms.bridge.internal.MessagingBridge.onMessageInternal(

        at weblogic.jms.bridge.internal.MessagingBridge.onMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection$



        at weblogic.jms.adapter.JMSBaseConnection.onMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.onMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.execute(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.executeMessage(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.access$000(

        at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession$




    -------------- Linked Exception 2 ------------

    javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: Unknown Destination ID = 0









        at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor5732.invoke(Unknown Source)

        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(













    But if I create bridge between 2 SAP Queues using the same way everything works correct.

    So my question, may be someone have such experience creating bridges on WL, and I should made some additional configuration ? 

    Or send additional parametr?

    In addition, screenshot of WL Queue:


    May be some destination kay should be configured ?

    But it is not clear what exectly should be there. I tryed to hardcode it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have a tax type, Assessment, which is applied if a BP is set as Y in Property 1 and the Item is set as Y in Property 1.


    In the Tax determination, I would like to have BP Code IN the list of customers from a saved query

    (SELECT T0.[CardCode] from OCRD T0 WHERE T0.[QryGroup1] = 'Y')


    and the Item in the list of Items in a saved query

    (SELECT T0.[ItemCode] from OITM T0 WHERE T0.[QryGroup1] = 'Y')


    Is this possible? I have saved the queries but can't figure out how to put the list of values into the Tax Determination screen.


    thanks for your help!


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  • 03/11/15--21:56: CR for putgoing payment
  • Hi expert,


    I create a CR for outgoing payment and I need to know how I can link the CHECK/BANK TRANSER/CREDIT CARD/CASH table link together?


    I only can get the CHECK data in SAPB1, it's need the Query to Inner join done it Parameter Field right? please help I'm just start learn the CR and thank!

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  • 03/11/15--14:18: Help with creating a formula
  • Hi All,


    I have 2 columns Column 1 and Column2 and I have derive the Column 3 in webi report based on column 1 and column 2. Please help me how to achieve this by using the BO Functions.



    Eg :


    Column1    Column2    Column3

    1                  A                B

    1                  A                B

    1                  B                B

    2                  C                B 

    2                  B                B

    3                  D                B

    3                  B                B,



    0 0



    Whenever Sales Order status Closed from Open while making target document against Sales Order like Delivery then my Sales Order is closed but in the backend Update Date & closing date not updated. So how can we know that when my sales order is closed ? Even in the change log its seems nothing. In this scenario document closing date (ClsDate) remain NULL & updatedate remain as it is as before. So i s any other field that we can identify sales order closing date ?




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